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Hire a Spectacular Magic Mirror from bossinbooth in Colindale, North West London

Lights, camera, pose, action! Opt for a high-tech, trendy party piece to light up your celebration by choosing our magic mirror photo booth hire. At Boss In Booth, in Colindale, London, we provide magic mirrors that use the latest technology to interact with your guests and create funny and endearing memories. Alternatively, you can hire a traditional photo booth for your event.

An Interactive Experience

Guests use our two-way mirror to view their reflection just like in a normal mirror. However, the mirror will then spark into life, with interactive elements being displayed on screen and inviting the guests to touch the mirror. Once activated, it will display customised messages and a count down before taking several pictures. After the photos are taken, the mirror then displays instructions to sign the message to personalise the photos. If there is Wi-Fi™ connection at the Event all  images will be stored on web-link for 3 weeks. Users can then view all  images , save and  or post to social media channels.

The magic mirror is delivered one hour before the booking time, with our team setting them up to ensure they are ready to use immediately. Bespoke, custom photo branding is available, while a guestbook and USB memory stick containing all the photos are part of each package.



- Silver Package

o  Magic Mirror with Interactive Touch Screen

o  Two Magic Mirror Attendants
o  Funny, Fancy, Vibrant Props

o  Single Photo Prints on every use
o  All Images sent  via "We Transfer" within 48 hours after the event.
o  Unlimited Visits to the Mirror for the Hire Duration 

o  Signature Feature As Standard

o  Offering a Choice of Photos Borders from Stock Templates

- Gold Package
o  Magic Mirror with Interactive Touch Screen

o  Two Magic Mirror Attendants
o  Funny, Fancy, Vibrant  Props 

o  Guestbook/Photo Album Option -POA
o  Personalised Single/ Double Prints

o  All Images sent via"We Transfer" within 48 hours after the event.

o Unlimited Visits to the Mirror for the Hire Duration 

o  Signature Feature As Standard

o  Offering a Choice of  Photo Borders 

 o Free Backdrop available from Stock Options shown below

o A Red Carpet (Space & Venue Dependent)

- Platinum Package
o  Magic Mirror with Interactive Touch Screen
o  Two Magic Mirror Attendants
o   Funny, Fancy, Vibrant, and Themed Props

o Digital Facial Recognition Prop Option

o   Personalised Guestbook/Photo Album Option- POA
o  Personalised  Prints  Offering Various  Layout Options
o  All Images Presented on a USB orVia  Electronically Transfer
o  Unlimited Visits to the Mirror for the  Hire Duration

o  Green Screen  Backgrounds

o  Signature Feature As Standard 

o  Choice of Photo Border & Font Style & Colour Option 

o  A Red Carpet, Luxury Ropes and Poles (Space & Venue   Dependent)

o Two Free Fridge Magnets for the Event Host

o The Option for Guests to Buy Reprints and Fridge Magnet

choose from our selection of backdrops below  

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