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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is There a Charge for Travel Expenses?

A: If the event or party is within a 60-mile radius of our headquarters in London, there will be no extra charge. Adequate parking must be provided and paid for the for the duration of the hire for the photo booth attendant.

Q: How Will My Photos Be Printed?

A: It will be an instant print which is touch-dry immediately.

Q: Do You Provide Staff with the Booths?

A: Yes - there will always be two members of staff with the booth to ensure a smooth running of the event with no technical glitches, and to help with props.

Q: How much space is needed?

A:  We  do not need much space but will need to be  placed inside the venue, near to a mains socket within 2.5 meters from the Booth/Mirror/ LOVE Letter Lights. An overall operational space of 10ft L x 8ftH x 9ftW would be ideal  if you wold like a  large table of props & a large  backdrop. If you feel do not worry, simply advise us and we will try to accommodate.  Please consider asking your venue to  set up a table close by for your guest to rest drinks on, as drink are not permitted around the mirror/booth or LOVE Letter Lights.

Q: Will Our Guests Be Able to See All of the Photos?

A: You can opt for a file transfer of all the photos via a soft copy, which will be sent within 48 hours of the event. Alternativley your host will  be sent  a free USB stick within 7 days after the event to share the images with any guests.

Q: What Is the Guestbook for and How Does It Work?

A: Our booth attendees will help with the placement of any pictures into your guestbook and encourage the guests to leave a personalised message for you. This will be delivered by hand to the host at the end of the event.

Q: Is It Possible to Choose between Colour and Black and White Prints?

A: Yes, you can choose between either of these options.

Q: Are You Insured?

A: Yes, we have public liability insurance. All of our booths are electrically PAT tested.

Q: How Long Does the Booth Take to Set up?

A: On average, it takes between 40 and 50 minutes. We arrive with the booth 90 minutes  before your event, and the set up comes free of charge. Your booking time does not begin until the hire time that was set previously.

Q: Do I Get Charged for Idle Time?

A: Yes we charge £50 per idle hour before the start of the hire time.

Q: Do I Need to Pay a Deposit?

A: Our deposit charge is  £50 of the total booking, with all deposits being non-refundable.

Q: Can the Booth Be Set up in the Same Room We're in?

A: Yes, our attendants are trained to set up the booths with minimal disruption.

Q: What Power Supply Do You Need?

A: All we need is a normal electrical socket.

Q: Can the Booths Go Upstairs?

A:  Due to the weight and size of our equiptment NOT ALL of  our Mirrors /Booths can go up steps.  To avoid disappointment We MUST be advised if any steps  exist to enter into the venue or set up area Please note  if advised in advance  we can arrange a different type of Booth / Mirror to suit the  venue. The Magic Mirror will require large  lift access  if going up stairs (Width 0.82 meters).

Q: Can the Booths Go outside?

A: Yes, provided there is  a socket close by and a sturdy, level ground and sufficient cover over the entire Booth/Mirror/Props etc

Q: Can We Share the Pictures on Social Media?

A: Yes, provided there is a strong internet connection.

Q: Can Children Go in the Booths?

A: Yes, children can go in the booths, however under 10s must be accompanied by an adult  and we have stools available to help facilitate this. 

Q: How Can We Make the Pictures More Fun?

A: All of our packages include an extensive prop box with something for everyone. We can also provide themed options for your event.

Q: What Kind of Event Are Photo Booths Suitable for?

A: Any private or corporate occasion, or event. 

Q: What Type of Magic Mirror do you have?

A: Two  Model Types- The  a slim & easily transportable SE Selfie Mirror. The Larger FLITE mirror which cannot go up steps.

Contact us now, in COLINDALE, NORTH WEST LONDON, if your query or question about our photo booth hire has not been answered above. 

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